City of Refuge Champions Home – Bellemu – Liberia

April 25, 2012 by admin

Pastor Jackson Quenisear and his wife Harriet have a love for the children of Liberia.  Their vision has always been to return to Jackson’s home village of Bellemu, Liberia in the northern part of Liberia near the border of Guinea.

100 acres of land outside the village was given to Jackson by his father to develop a farm and orphanage.  In January of 2011, Jackson and Harriet moved onto the property into a new 4-bedroom house, provided by LMP and Touch the World Ministries, with 13 orphans and 2 of their own children.  Currently City of Refuge has 17 orphans with several more children living in the community of Bellemu with other families until more space is available for housing.  Boys and girls housing has been started but is currently waiting for support to finish the buildings.

Several of their orphan children are in the upper grades so that, with the addition of the new High School, they will be receiving a full K – 12 education!  This will prepare them for Liberia’s future.

Needs include:

  • Monthly sponsorship of orphans
  • Additional housing for the girls
  • Water storage and purification system
  • Large generator for electricity