City of Refuge Champions Home in Bellemu, Liberia

April 25, 2012 by admin

In 2010, Pastor Jackson Quenisear and his wife Harriet began a new orphanage, school, church and farm in the far northern part of Liberia near the Guinea border.  Rev. Quenisear grew up in Bellemu as a young man before he fled the civil war in 1990.

In early January, 2011, Pastor Jackson with his wife Harriet, their 2 children and 13 orphans, moved onto their new property and into a new house that LMP and Touch the World Ministries jointly financed.

Prior to moving in, Pastor Jackson had regularly visited the community, bringing water to the widows, elderly and the disabled in the village of Bellemu, a very poor town of over 6,000 people.  He is loved and respected in this remote area of Liberia. Bellemu is in Panta District, which has a population of over 60,000 people.

vegetables-growingJackson farms 80 acres on his 100-acre property. Rice, vegetables, and palm oil trees are grown and produce food and income for the 42 orphan children who make City of Refuge their home. Pigs, chickens and goats are raised to provide food and additional income. Separate buildings for living quarters for the girls and boys have been built and a 3 bedroom guesthouse addition has just been added to the main house.

store-and-gas-stationIn February of 2016 a new store with cold storage and gas station was opened in Bellemu to provide a welcomed service to the district and provides addition income for the school and orphanage. The nearest facilities are over an hours drive away. A medical clinic is planned for the second story on the store. This store has been welcomed by the community.

The K – 12 school named Hidden Eye College, serving over 400 students, was completed in 2015 and will graduate it’s first high school seniors in 2017. This is first and only high school serving the Panta District that has a population of over 60,000. 3 crews with chain saws cut wood to sell and help pay the teacher.

city-of-refuge-churchThe City of Refuge Church was built on donated land by the community and is located just outside the town. A new roof and benches have recently been added.

Liberia Mercy Partners supplies monthly support to Pastor Jackson Quenisear and has been involved with his project from the start. The presence of the school, church, farm and store has been a welcomed addition to the community and has had a positive affect both spiritually and economically. Our goal is to be completely self sufficient by 2018.

inside-of-storeNeeds include:

  • Water system
  • Electrical distribution system
  • Solar system
  • Teacher salary supplement
  • Science Lab for the school
  • Books for the Library and textbooks