HIDDEN EYE COLLEGE, BELLEMU – Panta District – Bong County – Liberia

April 22, 2012 by admin

In September of 2011, 9 months after moving into their City of Refuge Champion’s facility on 100 acres of land outside of Bellemu, Liberia, Harriet and Jackson Quenisear saw the need for a community school that would include a high school.  This would be the first high school within a 1 ½ hour drive from Bellemu and no one has vehicles in this bush village of 6,000 and county of 60,000. 

A school with grades K – 8 was begun with a limit of 40 children initially.  When over 100 children applied, Harriet accepted 90 students and buildings of wood and thatched roofs were built and 4 teachers were brought in to teach the children.

In September of 2012, the new City of Refuge High School became a reality as 2 buildings were dedicated to be used for a Jr. and Senior high school.  The elementary school moved from their thatched roof classrooms to the divided auditoriums of the new buildings.  Although financed by LMP, many other organizations and individuals are working with Harriet and Jackson to make this school one of the finest in Liberia.  The school building have all been completed and the first 12th grade class of high school students will graduated in 2017. Over 400 students now attend City of Refuge School.

Needs include:

  • Support for students who cannot pay tuition
  • Support for teacher stipends
  • Support for building construction
  • Water system
  • Solar to provide energy for lighting in the classrooms
  • Equipment for a Chemistry Lab and Science Department
  • Books and classroom supplies