May 25, 2017 by admin


SOUL HARVEST MISSION SCHOOL is a K – 8th grade school in Johnsonville, near Princeville, Liberia. The school has 165 students with 27 of the students being orphaned from the last EBOLA outbreak. We assist with building new classrooms and provide fees for the Ebola orphaned students.  Pastor Roberts and his wife operate the school and also take care of several orphans. This school is on a hill in a very poor neighborhood.



Old house that fell downUpdate:

Pastor Roberts house fell down during the rainy season putting his family of 12, including his 4 children and 6 orphans, without a safe home. A new home was provided for him that was completed the end of October. They still have a need to finish the new house but they are grateful to have a new safe home to conduct their ministry.

Their needs still include 4 more additional classrooms for the school.