Welcome to Liberia Mercy Partners


This web site will introduce you to Liberia Mercy Partners (LMP), a division of Africa Mercy Partners, a 501c3 non-profit organization established in 2011 to assist the Liberian people to rebuild their country. It contains information on our projects and gives an opportunity to support a project, an orphan or a school child. We have been working in the country of Liberia since 2007. Although we work primarily in Liberia, we do assist other African countries as we have personal contact of their needs.

In 1990 Liberia, an English speaking country, had no orphans and most children in the cities received an education. A 13-year civil war, from 1990 till 2003 in which over 500,000 people died, left many refugees and many orphans. As a result there are a number of orphanages and many children living with relatives that have little or no means of support because of 84% unemployment.

LMP gives encouragement and support to established orphanages and schools and to projects that will be sustainable to help rebuild the country. Liberia will be holding elections for a new President in late 2017. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has been the President for the past 11 years. The country is slowly recovering from devastating effects of Ebola that took over 4,500 lives in 2014 & 2015.

All our work is with established individuals or organizations in Liberia who we have personal knowledge and contact with. Twice a year we visit to provide encouragement and support to those we work through. We have a corporate sponsor who covers our overhead so that 100% of all donations go directly to projects, orphan, school children and evangelistic support.

We thank you for you involvement and support.

Ken DeWitt