Liberia Mercy Partners (LMP) is partnering with several ministries in Liberia.  Liberia is a small country in the Central West Africa coast with a population of about 3,700,000.  It is an English speaking country having been formed after the war of 1812 by freed slaves who were given an opportunity to form a free country of their own.

Liberia will soon put on line it’s first public power plant generated from water since the civil war began in 1990 and destroyed all power generating facilities in the country. Water is beginning to be delivered in the main parts of Monrovia and adjoining communities. The sewer system is also functional only in Monrovia with septic tanks in the rest of the country. Jobs are still needed with up to 85% unemployment. The country will hold elections in 2017 to replace President Ellen Sirleaf Johnson who has headed the country for the past 12 years.

Liberia Mercy Partners is a registered NGO in Liberia and has been working in Liberia since 2006. Christianity is the predominant religion. Muslims also are s part of Liberia and the religions cooperate and coexist with each other.

The groups we are involved in are: